Board Positions Open

UpdatedWednesday November 13, 2019 byNYB.

If interested in running for a Board Position, please email and include the position you are interested in.  All positions are available for election / re-election.  Please see below for Board position descriptions...

Executive Positions:

  • PRESIDENT: Assumes full responsibility for operation of program, presides at all meetings and is primary representative
  • VICE PRESIDENT: Assists the President on all issues pertaining to the league and in any situation where the president is not available to perform his/her duties and will also be responsible to coordinate all tournament related activities.
  • TREASURER: Receives, disburses and keeps accurate record of all funds, and prepares budget and financial statements.
  • SECRETARY: Keeps accurate and complete record of meetings and oversees the retention of other league records.

Director Positions:

  • OPEN COMPETITIVE DIVISIONS: Oversees the operation of the (2) youth competitive leagues (Cal Ripken Minors and Majors).
  • OPEN -  NON COMPETITIVE DIVISIONS: Oversees the operation of (3) youth non-competitive leagues (T-ball, Single A and Double A)
  • SENIOR BASEBALL DIVISIONS: Oversees the operation of the (2) senior baseball leagues (Babe Ruth Minors and Majors).
  • FIELDS AND FACILITIES: Responsible for the maintenance of the fields and facilities, coordinates field prep and closure.
  • COMMUNICATIONS: Responsible for the website for the organization along with the dissemination of relevant communications.
  • UMPIRING: Responsible for the coordination of hired umpires and training of umpire candidates.  
  • OPEN -  FUND RAISING & SPECIAL EVENTS: Responsible for annual league sponsorships, fundraising events along with the organization of Opening Day and/or Loyalty Day activities.
  • SCHEDULING: Responsible for scheduling, from pre-season training through the final playoff game.
  • EQUIPMENT & APPAREL: Responsible for equipment and uniform orders along with managing the league logo and apparel sales.