UpdatedThursday May 21, 2020 byNYB.

Dear Nipmuc Youth Baseball Families,

We hope you are all doing as well as can be expected in these uncertain times. 

Today we are happy to announce an exciting update.  When Governor Baker announced his reopening plan for the Commonwealth on Monday, it included the return of youth sports…Baseball is on its way back!  His plan allows for the return of some youth sports beginning during the (Phase 2) launch, which is anticipated to be on June 8th.  We have been very busy preparing and can’t wait to get going!  

The NYB Board is planning, subject to state and local approval and guidelines, to begin practices the week of June 8th (Estimated Phase 2 Start Date) and games, once allowed, soon after that.   Practice schedules will be communicated from your coach once they have been setup by the board.    

We will receive regulations from the state on how we can operate, but we have already begun a series of steps to ensure everyone will be as safe as possible.   

This will include: 

  • Social distancing limits on kids in the dugout’s areas
  • Fans spread throughout the perimeter of the entire ballfield including behind the outfield
  • No shared equipment
  • Cleaning and disinfecting policies between innings and games
  • Designating a safety monitor for each team at all levels (not one of the coaches)   CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP
  • Coaches will need to wear masks and kids will most likely need to wear masks as well
  • We have purchased hand sanitizer and wipes in bulk.  

Currently, there is no existing playbook for this kind of situation, however we are prepared to work with the state and local guidelines, Babe Ruth protocols, and all of our best strategies to make this safe and fun for the kids. 

Again, as stated in previous communications, our priority is to get back to playing Ball as a community in a fun, safe, healthy, inspiring, and enriching way. 

SPECIAL NOTE FOR T-BALL and SINGLE A PLAYERS (generally pre-K - 1st).  In order to safely play baseball with these age groups, there will be additional factors we need to consider. First and most importantly, we will need many more volunteers.  Not necessarily coaches, but parents(Safety Monitors) to help distance the kids and maintain safety (we will need one safety monitor per team at higher levels but need more than one per team in the T-ball and A levels).  To help with this, we are also considering reducing the number of kids on a team but that will require more coaches.  To be blunt, we need your help.  Without more coaches and volunteers, we will not be able to safely pull this together for these age groups.  Please consider helping!!    CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP.

If the pandemic continues to trend in the right direction, we are hopeful we can play close to a full season’s worth of games between June, July and possibly August with the majority of games played during the week.  We are excited (knock on wood) to be back on the fields in June and hope you and your child are too!


Nipmuc Youth Baseball


PS If you decide not to play for any reason, you will have three options: 1) Donate your registration to the league (FULLY tax deductible)   2) Take an 80% credit towards future registrations or 3) Receive a 50% refund.   Please reach out to us asap if you decide to take one of these options.

You may be wondering why you can’t receive a 100% credit or refund…the short story is that we have already incurred many expenses (uniforms, insurance, chartering fees, facility fees, field maintenance, etc.) that are simply unrecoverable.

We take financial hardship cases very seriously.  In the cases of true hardship, the Board will consider a larger refund if funds are available on an individual basis.  Please send any requests to Nipmuc Youth Baseball President Steve Bodio at